The work of th JEAN WATSON and his/her theory

Within a small group, together select a nursing theorist from the list below and explore the work of th JEAN WATSON and his/her theory. Nursing Theorists Guidelines: 1. Intro that includes: Credentials and background of the theorist. (3/4 of a page max) 2. Type of theory/focus — (based on the classification above) (2 -3 sentences.) 3. Theoretical sources used that theory is based upon. (1/2 page) 4. Major concepts and definitions. (strong focus here) (1-page minimum) 5. Major assumptions (1/2 page) 6. Utilization/application (How might this theory be used in nursing practice today, in order to improve patient outcomes)? (1/2 -3/4 of a page) 7. Summary/conclusion (3 -4 sentences summarizing paper) Nursing Theorist Assignment Submission: Writing Expectations: Write a 4-5-page scholarly paper (not including title page or reference page) discussing your selected nursing theoristitheory with respect to the above 1- 7 listed guidelines.