Theater in Elizabethan England

1) How did theater in Elizabethan England differ from the medieval theater that preceded it? *
2) Why is it difficult to say that William Shakespeare is the true author of all Shakespeare plays?

3) What did you learn about how / why Shakespeare’s theatre company was able to reach prominence and
success and some fame by the 1590s?

4) Were the actors performing Shakespeare plays in the Elizabethan era paid for their work?

5) Did women perform in Shakespeare plays in the Elizabethan era?

6) Did actors receive the full script of the play they were performing in or something else? What did they

7) What did you learn about what happened to Shakespeare’s plays “After Shakespeare”? Explain.

8) Do you think Hamtet is still relevant today? How? Why?

9) If you were directing Hamlet using a different setting than Shakespeare’s (that is, NOT medieval
Denmark), how wouid you set the play? Where would it take place? When? How would you parallel the
storyline (for example, Disney’s THE LION KING is an adaptation of Hamlet. How would YOU adapt

10) Cast your Hamlet using today’s actors: Who would you pick to play these characters:
Hamlet Ophelia Gertrude Polonius Laertes Horatio Claudius