Therapeutic Communication

Utilize various communication skills that demonstrate understanding of client privacy and dignity issues.

Excellent communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, are essential in the medical field. Patients put their trust in the staff and depend on them to provide excellent health care. It is crucial to make sure that both correct and proper communication is used with a patient; this ensures that they receive accurate medical care. As the Nurse at Rassy Medical Center, your objective is to ensure your team is aware of appropriate provider-patient communication practices by creating a delivering training presentations on various elements of communication in health care. Your current focus is nonverbal communication.

Create a presentation demonstrating various facial expressions and examples of body language. Include discussion about the meaning of each nonverbal communication element.

Be creative with your facial expressions and body language by taking “selfies” of yourself, photos of others (with permission), and/or images from other resources. Ensure that you include the following, one per slide (minimum of ten slides):

Five different facial expressions with an explanation of each.
Five different examples of body language with an explanation of each.
Describe how therapeutic communication can assist you in understanding patient privacy and dignity.
You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or a similar presentation application of your choice.