Thierry Mugler: Couturissime

The museum that was chosen is the Montreal Museum of fine arts the specific exhibition is the Thierry Mugler: Couturissime

Visit a local museum or Art Gallery or Local Public Art work. You must actually go. Web Galleries or museum websites are no substitute. Please no vacation or study abroad museum visits. Choose a work or works of art from the show/s you went to see. In a 5-7 page paper address the following questions:

The museum or gallery you chose to visit
The show or exhibition you saw
The particular work/s and artist/s you chose to write about and why.
Who is the Artist? Where are they from? When are they from?
If possible describe the historical era they are working from/in. Is this a contemporary artist? Or centuries past?
Why is this artwork significant/ important?
How does this particular artist convey meaning through this artwork?
Why do you think this piece was created when it was? What is the piece about? Think of this art piece of art as a messenger- what kinds of things did the artist intend to communicate? How did they do this? Who do you think the intended audience was for this work of art? For example: Why was it important for Ansel Adams to have such a clarity in his work? How did he do this? why?