Thinking about human society and language – Saussure, LANGUAGE

You are searching for an appropriate metaphor for Saussure’s dichotomy language-structure (langue) and speech (parole). You can’t find it and you take a break going to a concert hall to hear a piece of music you like so much. This year, you went to three different concerts in which orchestras played the same piece. You walk to the concert hall whistling the melody of your favorite musical composition. You recognize the kinship between your humming the music and what musician play in the concert hall: they are following a musical score that contain all the appropriate notes to perform to the audience. Now, answer the following question. In a metaphorical way, what is the language-structure in this concert hall? And what is the speech? Justify your answer,
Read the excerpt on sign and using a coin explain it to the class. Why is a coin appropriate to elucidate Saussure’s definition of sign?
Build three sentences bearing in mind how Saussure identifies syntagm and paradigm. In your sentences identify the syntagmatic and the paradigmatic elements.
Why is the opposition synchrony/diachrony a central methodological presumption in Saussurian linguistics?