This life I live

you will choose one area of the globe and depict what life of a woman in that area looks like. It is important to give an overview of the region this woman would live in, what would everyday life look like for this woman, what special concerns would affect her, what health conditions would this women be most susceptible to, and what access to healthcare does she have. Here are some examples of different regions to explore: Nigeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Congo, Somalia, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine. Feel free to choose any geographic region of the world above is just some suggestions.

Geographical Region- provide a clear overview of this geographical region. 10 Everyday Life- What does a typical day look like for this woman.

Special Concerns for the Region- what is happening in this region of the world that impacts this woman’s life ( i.e war, genocide, poverty, hunger, political unrest, extreme bias towards women, environmental catastrophes etc)

Health Conditions and Access to Healthcare- What health disparities are common among women in this region and of this race. How do women in this region view health, and what is their access to care for illnesses and disease prevention? What are the main issues that women in this area are concerned?

Global Initiatives: What initiatives are underway to improve health in this region? How long have these initiatives been in place, and how are they affecting health for women in this region? What more could be done to improve health for women in this region?