Time Stands Still

• Read Act II of Time Stands Still
• Finish Reading Chapter on Time Stands Still in the iBook
• After reading the play watch the link below- it is from the Web Field Trip
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB-_3WGHojs
• Response #3 in Canvas

Questions for Response #3

1. What are the playwright’s intentions with this play? What do you think his purpose was in writing the play? Why?

2. Choose one character from the play to analyze. What are that specific character’s belief systems? What do they believe is right and/or wrong? Use textual evidence from the script to show these belief systems.

3. What was your favorite moment in the play? Why?

4. Think about a time that a photograph in a magazine/internet made you stop and think and change your opinion about something? What was the photo and what did you think?

5. Does your opinion of Mandy change throughout the course of the play? Why?

6. Does your opinion of any other character changes throughout the play? Why?

7. Where do you predict each character will be 10 years from now?