Tina visit to the hospital

Tina is a 42-year-old G1 P0 at 35 weeks of gestation who has been sent to labor and delivery for evaluation from her physician’s office. Today at her routine parental visit, her blood pressure was 160/95. On chart review, the nurse notes that her first trimester blood pressures were 120s/70s and her second trimester reading were 110s/170s. the third trimester readings were 130s/70s until today.

1.what question should the nurse ask Tina as part of her admission interview?

  1. what additional physical assessment data should the nurse obtain? what is the rationale for the assessment?
    3.what risk factors does Tina have?
    4.diffrentiate among gestational hypertension, preeclampsia , and chronic hypertension.
    5.what are the effects of preeclampsia on the fetus