Title Page and Abstract Assignment-Rough Draft


For this Assignment, you will make a rough draft of a Title Page and an Abstract from the unpublished paper that is labeled APA assignment file above this. This assignment should be in APA format. For a tutorial on how to write an abstract please go to the following website: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ This rough draft will be critiqued and needs to be at the most 250 words. You will benefit from making it as close to 250 words as possible. Here is a summary of the results section to get you started. Results: Duration of LORR was unchanged throughout the exposure period for ethanol exposed animals. On the first test, duration of LORR was 42% shorter in ethanol than saline exposed rats. On the second test, duration of LORR was 27% shorter in ethanol than in saline exposed rats. This rough draft is worth 20 points and you cannot get credit on the final draft unless you complete the rough draft.