To improve the coach’s entrepreneurial ability, Grodzki & Allen give three fundamentals


Short Answer Questions (5pt each): Please respond to each of the following 20 questions with a 1-2 sentence answer.

1. To improve the coach’s entrepreneurial ability, Grodzki & Allen give three fundamentals. What are the three fundamentals? [Grodzki &
Allen, Chapter 7]
2. List the three most common emotions that cause coaches to get destabilized in the course of doing business. [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 8]
3. What does packaging services do for the coach? [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 9]
4. To work legally and safely, list the six aspects of risk management as outlined by Grodzki & Allen. [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 10]
5. How does leadership coaching differ from executive coaching? [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 11]
6. Since the goal of business coaching is specific and strategic, how can the method of coaching be described according to Grodzki & Allen?
[Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 12]
7. What is the hallmark of a skills coach? [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 13]
8. Deborah Brown-Volkman offered some advice for those considering the field of career coaching. What were those three pieces of advice?
[Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 14]
9. The best life coaches are models of their services and set an example in three areas. Lists these areas. [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 15]
10. According to Grodzki & Allen, what are the three strategies and corresponding populations for wellness coaching? [Grodzki & Allen,
Chapter 16]
Essay (30pt each): Please select TWO of the following essay questions and respond with a 1-2 paragraph answer.
1. According to Grodzki & Allen, the coach’s professional support will come from three areas. List these three areas and summarize who is
involved in each area and a brief summary of each area. [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 7]
2. List and provide a brief summary for each of the sections for a professional coaching contract. [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 10]
3. Compare and contrast creativity coaching, relationship coaching, and spiritual coaching. [Grodzki & Allen, Chapter 17]

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Grodzki, L. & Allen, W. (2005). The Business and practice of coaching: Finding your niche, making money, and attracting ideal clients. New
York: W.W. Norton and Company. ISBN: 0-393-70462-9



 Include the following: dates, why the author is named either an Apostolic Father or an Apologist, title of work, major themes, and
reflection on what it meant to actually start communicating theology to that generation with only portions of the Bible available.