to kill a mocking bird

to kill a mocking bird
Instructions: Listen carefully to the claims and arguments made by Atticus Finch.

Use the techniques in Chapter 5 to analyze Finch’s claims and arguments.

Use what you learned in Chapters 7, 8, and 9 to evaluate the claims and arguments.

The analysis and evaluation, must be written using APA formatting.

Assignment Background: Gregory Peck plays defense attorney, Atticus Finch, in the film To
Kill a Mockingbird. The story is about a young man accused of rape.

In the clip you will View, Atticus Finch is giving his summation to the jury. He must be careful
not to alienate the members of the jury, whom he regards as potentially biased against the
defendant because of his race. Finch first argues the prosecution has not proved a crime was
actually committed, then claims the accused, Tom Robinson, could not physically have done
what the prosecution claims.

Finch, believing he must do more than make claims and logical arguments establishing
reasonable doubt, addresses a key question: Why would the accuser have lied about being raped
by the accused? Finch says he has pity for the victim, then argues by accusing Tom Robinson,
the victim was attempting to rid herself of her own guilt. The defense attempts to Challenge the
prejudicial assumption races other than Caucasian cannot be trusted.

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Then, watch this video segment last:[watch?v=8Mmth1A8BA