To what extent has the world of work changed in the last 50 years?

“To what extent has the world of work changed in the last 50 years?” Your answer must draw upon at least one of the social divisions covered in this module (class, gender, race) and at least one of the contemporary issues (technological change, post-Fordist services and knowledge work, the changing work/life boundary, globalization) to answer the question. Good answers will combine academic theories with empirical studies to discuss and evaluate how the world of work is changing. The rationale for the choice of this assessment piece is that it enables you to engage in reflective practice based on your progress in the module from week 1-12. You will have to demonstrate the use of relevant academic theory, concepts, and studies to demonstrate in written format what you have gained in understanding about work in contemporary society. Presenting your work in this 2500 word assignment will help you to advance your critical and analytical thinking skills, and your written communication skills: both essential employability skills in the contemporary world of work and employment. The assessment 011 links to the module learning outcomes as below: Explain key concepts and theoretical approaches within the psychology and sociology of work, both in domestic and global contexts. Evaluate different sociological, psychological and anthropological arguments to the understanding of work and society internationally.