Todd Cleveland book review

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Todd Cleveland book review

Complete a book review on Todd Cleveland’s, Diamonds in the rough using the following peer reviewed articles. The content of the review is one 1 describe the main arguments of the book and 2 asses
the arguments with more information.

2.Jesus’ Teaching Ministry Chart

Jesus’ Teaching Ministry Chart assignment

Complete the two-part Jesus’ teaching ministry assignment.

a. Jesus’ Teaching Ministry Chart:
Read through the gospel of Luke and chart the various teaching methods used by Jesus. Chart all incident found in each chapter of entire the book of Luke. Use the chart template as attached

b. Jesus the Teacher:
Now read the entire text, “Jesus the Teacher” by Herman Horne. Fill in the “Additional” Notes column of the chart above with your findings regarding the connection and comparison of Horne’s text to
your review of Luke as documented in the first four columns of the chart.
Include the corresponding chapters from Horne’s text for reference.