Toddler hood

Write a 2 page small paper plus a title page, abstract page, and reference page. The two pages of body will consist of you writing about Toddler hood. You will incorporate a major theorist’s opinion of that developmental stage/age ranges. You will bring up any memories you have of yourself at that age or you can incorporate your experiences with other children, like your own, or nieces/nephews etc or relative’s perspectives. You will also involve a song that you feel like relates to that stage. You can incorporate a song that you remember at that age, or you can find a song that somehow literally relates to that developmental stage.
Don’t forget a header.
The reference page will have the sources you use, like you book or the information or the source of the song. You need to have the same font size and style throughout the paper.
At the end of the semester, you will have written several 2 page papers which will cover all developmental stages from infancy to geriatrics.
For extra credit, a student can make their papers into a power-point or media slideshow which incorporates some of the songs and pictures or images regarding development.