Top 50 Most Important Rules of Document Design”

part 1

  1. Review the “Top 50 Most Important Rules of Document Design”. Another version of it appears in the Discussion Board so you can increase the size of the image for easier reading.

2.Analyze how the COLOR CRAYON TIP rules are used in your chosen document for analysis, taking notes (mental or written) as you go.

3.. After comparing the COLOR CRAYON TIP rules to “Designing Print Pages”, beginning on page 258, list 5 specific design patterns and/or features that the page designer of your document used that are most effective in helping the designer achieve his or her purpose in creating the communication. Bold each design feature so that it serves as a text heading in your document. Yes, the rules in the COLOR CRAYON TIP can serve as your rules; choose 5 of those rules

part 2

1.For Part 2 of this assignment, you will create a New Employee Orientation Announcement for your company or for the company for which you work, following the Goals for Document Design listed on page 249 of your book and reviewed in the optional video in our lesson.

Yes, you can use your imagination in coming up with your dream company – as long as your company is in good taste for an academic audience.