Topic “Common Mistakes Avoidance in ERP Systems Implementation – Project Management Approach”

The following table is a breakdown of the sections of the paper and the expected page count of each section. Note that the minimum page count is 10 double spaced pages plus references. Also, APA style must be followed. Note the rubric for each section, which totals to 25 points.

** Dear writer, I have already written the introduction section since it was required to submit it to the professor in the middle of the semester in order to get an approval for the research topic.  So, in terms of consistency of the paper, you have a choice either do editing if it needs or rewrite it if it is necessarily.

Introduction section
The Introduction section must introduce the topic to the reader and, in general, tell the reader what will be found in subsequent sections.

Background section
The student must demonstrate the extent of the research that was accomplished. The Background section of the paper will be your opportunity to discuss the content of the research material discovered on the Web. It is important the authors are properly cited and the source of the material documented in the References section.

Analysis section
The Analysis section will be your opportunity to discuss your opinions of the topic and your observations on how to improve the subject area including potential areas for further research. Citing other authors is permitted but only to compare or contrast your opinions.

Summary and Conclusion section
The Summary and Conclusion section should restate, in general, the research topic and concisely reiterate your opinion.

Evaluation of paper will be based on the following criteria:
1-    Format: 10 points – The paper must contain all sections and the sections must be technically correct per APA. For example, something cited in the body of the paper must have a reference in the References section.
2-    Content: 15 points – The paper must demonstrate that the author has made a reasonable effort to learn the topic. This is accomplished documenting the author’s research in the Background section. The Analysis section is reserved for the author’s knowledge of the topic and should contain pertinent discussion and comment.


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