Topic: Outline Martin Buber’s ideas about dialogue and apply these to the practice of community development.

1) Back Ground knowledge on the essay.

*The paper is an academic essay. It is to be referenced in the usual manner for an academic essay.

*The essay will require ‘in text’ references (Chicago style) and a bibliography at the back of the work listing references used.

*It is expected you will compare and contrast the opinions and ideas of the writers and Community Development philosophers that you have read during this course or are

otherwise familiar with.

*It is also hoped that you will be able at this stage to develop s sound academic argument to highlight and back up opinions and ideas expressed.
it is not generally acceptable to just put forward an opinion of your own. It is expected that you direct an argument in a particular direction with the use of expert

opinion and the back up of other writers.
You can use direct quotes but these must be referenced properly.

2) Essay itself

*You could include some information about the man himself. This gives insight into his personality and the background from which his theory was born.

*Then a brief out line or summary of his ideas and theory, perhaps what you think his intention is.

*Then the body of the essay including the indepth study of the theory and how it relates to the practice of CD. Why is it important? How does it work? What types of CD

are most suited to his theory? Have you read of some examples of CD where his theory has been put into practice and if so what has been the outcome.


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