Topic: World war ll

Now that we’ve made some progress in the course, you can begin to think about the larger significance and meaning of the war.
Answer the question below and write an essay worth 100 points (~15% of your grade). Two or three pages (double-­-spaced, with standard 12 point and margins) should be

sufficient. The main focus should be on coming to a conclusion about the question; come up with a thesis (or argument) and defend it with appropriate evidence. Choose

one of the following questions or issues:

*Soon after the United States declared war, Churchill and Roosevelt met (at the Arcadia Conference, not to be confused with the earlier Atlantic Conference that

produced the Atlantic Charter), and decided upon a “Germany first” strategy in order to focus on Europe before defeating Japan. In the quarter century after the war,

however, the world’s two biggest conflicts (Korea and Vietnam) both took place in East Asia, while Europe remained relatively table. Are there aspects to the way that

the Allies approached the war in the Pacific and East Asia that might suggest that that region’s postwar situation would be unstable?

Essays will be graded according to the following criteria:

This assignment is worth 100 points. It should be submitted online to turnitin.
Your paper will be graded on:
I. Mechanics (50 points)
?Follows guidelines, including turnitin.10 points
?Proper structure (with an introduction, body , and conclusion) 10 points
?Clarity of style, proper grammar and spelling 10 points
?Proper citations (using either MLA or Chicago style) 20 points

Analysis (50 points)
?Paper has a clear thesis and!!! (boldfaced in the introduction) and the paper is organized properly to support the thesis (20 points)
?Paper incorporates proper evidence, drawn from course materials only—readings, lectures, videos, etc. Do not do any additional research. (30 points)

REALLY!!! Important:
The only Resources you can use:
-Michael J Lyons, World War II: A Short History (5th ed,2009)
-Keegan, John, Collins Atlas of World War II (2006)


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