Tort of Negligence

Write an individual 2000 word original advice to the following scenario: –

Kylie is enjoying her return to work as a business mentor on Simon’s TV show “You’re Hired! “ as her new nanny enables her to focus on the job without worrying about the baby.

Kylie’s mum Kris buys her a new and very expensive pram and the nanny takes the baby out in it for the first time for walk in the local park. The nanny stops by the pond intending to show the baby the ducks swimming close by and as she puts the brakes on a cable snaps and causes a deep cut to the nanny’s hand which requires surgery and a week’s stay in hospital so that she is unable to go a planned vacation with her own family which cost £4,000.

Advise the nanny:-

1) Whether she has a right of action under the tort of negligence


2) Of the legal remedies that may be available to her


3) Of the the best way to proceed if she wishes to avoid court action