Michel Foucault forcefully observed that the birth of the prison is entangled in a larger web of power, control and surveillance. As you embark on the BEST paper ever written, refer to the work: From the Panopticon to Disney World: The Development of Discipline by Clifford Shearing and Phillip Stenning. [ tourists/PDFs/Shearing_Stenning_1997.pdt] In doing so, remain mindful that prison museums invert the Disney experience by becoming the antithesis of the happiest place on earth. Thus, your task is to analyze those related phenomena by discussing the following issues: (1) the manner by which prisoners as well as visitors to prison museums and Disney World are placed under surveillance; (2) the manner by which safe contact is administered in prison museums and Disney World; (3) the manner by which knowledge is diffused (via images, objects, and space) in prison museums and Disney World; (4) the role of architecture in maintaining surveillance and control in prison museums and Disney World;