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Type of document should be Assignment?All requirements will see inside the additional file.

Please follow the guidelines below:

1. Select one priority direction from the list.

For example: One of the six priority directions of the Nest action agenda is ‘Improving the social and emotional wellbeing of young Australians’ (pg 14).

2. Introduce the priority direction highlighting the significance for Australian children and youth

You could: Discuss what social and emotional wellbeing is and what are the benefits or outcomes of emotional and social wellbeing for children and youth. For example the early year’s research provides evidence that infant bonding and positive early life social experiences can strengthen healthy brain development providing the potential for greater educational achievement and the capacity to form successful relationships (National Scientific Council on the Developing Child 2004, Children’s Emotional Development Is Built into the Architecture of Their Brains: Working Paper No. 2.

3. Identify the current status of child and youth health and wellbeing in Australia (birth to 24 years) in your selected priority direction and present the problem currently faced in Australia.

Identify Australian statistics from various resources that indicate the outcomes related social and emotional wellbeing for Australian children. You may use ARACY evidence such as Report Card: The wellbeing of young Australians along with other Australian sources e.g. AIHW to support your discussion. The ARACY Report Card uses the average of all ‘Loved and Safe’ measures to provide a global indicator of social and emotional wellbeing. You can refer to this. You could also provide statistics related to various determinants and related outcomes for this priority area and discuss how the factor is relevant e.g. bullying and the impact on youth mental health.
4. Discuss what determinants of health and wellbeing are contributing to these outcomes. Identify determinants from across various contexts influencing child and youth outcome.

In this section you can discuss the factors that influence the statistics and health outcomes you have raised in your essay. For example identify various determinants of social and emotional wellbeing including both protective and risk factors. Discuss how unemployment might affect family functioning such as positive communication.

5. Propose strategies supported by research and the literature that will help achieve one or more aspects of the Nest action agenda vision for Australia’s children and youth (aged 0-24) related to your identified priority direction. These strategies can be in any context influencing child and youth outcomes

MindMatters is a school health promotion program that helps schools support young people to achieve their goals, build relationships and cope with challenges (


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