“Toys” by Barthes

Use some of the ideas from Barthes ″Toys″ to analyze a current (released in 2017-2019) toy commercial, TV show episode, or film of your choosing (the film or TV show must be strongly related to a popular toy). In what way is this ad/film/show preparing young children to uncritically accept aspects of the adult world? What are they being taught about the adult world? No essays on Barbie, Rebelle, or easy bake oven please.

  • Original Ideas
  • Clear expression
  • Min. 5 page in length
  • 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced
  • Reference at least 2 academic sources
  • Do not write about ethos, logos, pathos
  • Assume that your reader is familiar with the text/image/video you are analyzing but do not assume that this reader is familiar with your research.
  • Keep in mind that a rhetorical strategy is a plan that a writer/speaker has for convincing his/her audience to agree with the argument that is being made.
  • Keep in mind that your thesis will be your answer to all the questions from the assigned essay topic you have selected.
  • Focus on keywords from the assigned essay topic.