Traditional Literature of the American Indians – Texts and Interpretations

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Traditional Literature of the American Indians – Texts and Interpretations

Write a 4 Page Analytical Assessment of Chapter 6 of Traditional Literature of the American Indians – Texts and Interpretations. 4 Themes need to be established from the chapter and highlighted as
bullets with explanation of emphasis. The body needs to consist of a well developed Introduction and a good Closing paragraph. establish the theory used by scholar Linda Ainsworth and look at her
own foundation of analysis.

2.Cause/Effect Essay

What makes a topic controversial?

Current Events? Check the local news to find out what is being debated in your community.
Sports? Delve into the events around a decision or event that changed the sport.
Politics? Describe how an amendment to the Constitution was ratified. Look into the election of an influential official.
History? Examine the different views of an historic event.
Art? Examine a non-traditional artist’s technique or work. What makes it art?
Television? Examine how a specific series or even an episode changed society.
Your Major? Describe a regulation that has changed or something innovative (present or in the past) within your field.

Causal Analysis Essay

In 500 words and five paragraphs, explore an uncommon controversy. Briefly explain the controversy itself and describe four or five different causes of it. What makes this subject controversial?

Example Thesis for Causal Analysis Essay

Eventually Galileo Galilei’s assumptions about the Earth’s rotation around the Sun proved true, but his view was controversial during his lifetime because it supported the recent Copernican view of
heliocentricity and conflicted with the more traditional views held by philosophic thought and the Roman Catholic Church.