Tragic hero macBeth and nanabush

Tragic hero macBeth and nanabush

The post contains three asighnments


1.Why is this scene important to the film?
2.What does the scene do to further characterization, narrative or the themes explored by the director?

watch the movie,
Backstrom, T., Borgli, P. Remlov, T. (Producers), & Skjoldbjærg, E. (Director). (1997). Insomnia [Motion Picture]. Norway: Nordisk Film..

respond in at least 75 words. use APA style with references cited in APA format.
Address open ended prompts related to specific images from the assigned films. provide original, analytical, critical commentaries, avoiding summary as much as
possible. cite examples from other films and detail connections to assigned readings.

2:Tragic hero macBeth and nanabush

Based on the play macbeth and the text motorcycles and sweet grass I′m supposE to write how macbeth and nanabush are either tragic heros or not

3:Present or future, What will be better,electric cars?

Why do you think this will make the world a better or worse place? What might be your main points?