It appears that Shaker’s supervisors have not attended sex harassment training.
1. Describe the law, rules and requirements in California regarding mandatory sex harassment training. 
If you are relying on a case, statute or regulation describe the law, identify what case, statute or regulation you are relying on.
2. Assume that you are an experienced, professional human resources consultant. If the company wanted to hire you to conduct an in-person sex harassment training session comply with California law, provide an outline of the subjects you would cover in your training.

3. Advise the board on the specific individuals you believe need to participate in the sex harassment training and why.
4. Advise the board if you have any concerns regarding the Company’s compliance with its affirmative duty to prevent harassment and discrimination.
5. If you have concerns about the Company’s current standards regarding prevention of harassment or discrimination, make specific recommendations as to actions the board should take for Shaker’s to become compliant.
6. A previous Human Resources consultant for Shaker’s recommended that Marty Greenstein undergo ‘counseling’ and that counseling should be offered to Vicki Gardner. Do you agree with that recommendation? Why or why not?
7. Assume that more than 50 employees in the Palo Alto branch will need to be laid off if Marty Greenstein is terminated from his employment at Shaker’s. Advise the board as to whether you believe Greenstein should be retained or terminated and why.