Training and development

Training and development

Paper details:


Create and cost out a proposal to management showing how training will address a staff knowledge or skills gap to benefit to the organization.


Develop a training proposal for a real organization of your choice, preferably one you are working in or have worked in. Using facts and specific details convince your supervisor that training is needed to solve a workforce knowledge or skills gap. Your proposal will consist of 5 sections:

1. Background to the Situation 2. Expected Benefit 3. Resources Needed 4. Timeframe and Budget 5. Link to Mini-Presentation (Assignment #4)

Guidelines for Assignment 1

The following details the Training Proposal and Costing assignment expectations:

1. Background to the Situation (request) (1–2 pages)

• Organization o Name, department, relevant employee positions and tasks o What are the products or services this organization provides?

• Needs Analysis o What is the specific problem?

o Why is it a problem? o Who else thinks it is a problem? o What evidence supports your opinion? (e.g. supervisor/employee comments, observations, workplace records, customer/employee surveys, interviews or focus groups)

2. Benefits (1–1 1/2 pages)

• Make the business case for your proposal. Link employees acquiring knowledge or skills through training to one of the following organizational needs:

o improve employee performance (work effectiveness, quality) o increase productivity o learn new technology, work processes and such o reduce costs (e.g. scrap, old to new work methods)

o meet legal requirements or regulatory compliance (e.g. occupational health and safety, environmental, workplace harassment)

o provide another desired organizational result (e.g. team-building, communication, attracting/retaining employees, job satisfaction, and such)

3. Resources needed (1/2 -1 pages)

• Rationale for training solution methods chosen

• List resources needed for training development and delivery (e.g. internet connection, websites, articles, materials, PowerPoint slides, equipment, books, specific people, and such).

4. Budget and timeframe (1/2–1 page)

• Specific details on the budgeted real costs for developing and delivering the training • Length of training and when it is proposed to be delivered (1/2 day to 3 days)

5. Link to Mini-presentation (Assignment #4) (2-5 sentences)

• Relate this training program proposal to the mini-presentation (10 minutes), a small portion of your lesson plan from your training plan/proposal, that you will be develop and deliver at the end of this course.

Review the attached “Training Proposal and Costing Assignment Grading Rubric” for details on assignment evaluation criteria and student expectations.

Training Program Proposal and Costing Assignment Grading Rubric

Assignment Value – 15% of Course Grade

This assignment provides practice developing a training proposal and budget for a training program (1/2 day to 3 days) to teach to a work-related knowledge or skills gap.


• Assignments will be prepared in a well-organized, coherent and thorough manner, using clear writing that follows standard writing conventions (i.e. proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and such)

• All materials will be properly cited/referenced (videos, websites, books, articles); st rive for APA format

• You will have your work proofread by someone else with a strong command of written English, and make revisions accordingly (mechanical/ comprehension)

• Use standard font (e.g. Arial, Times, Verdana, Calabri) size 12, double spaced. Including heading and subheadings with numbers to indicate sections.

This assignment will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Section Poor (zero) Good

(half marks) Excellent (full marks) Max


Background to the Situation Vague or unclear description of the organization and training need Adequate description of the organization and training need. Thorough, detailed description of the organization and training need. /3

Expected Benefit Expected benefits of the training initiative are unclear, weak or not provided. Adequate benefits of the training initiative are provided. A clear explanation of the benefits of the training initiative for a solid business case. /4

Resources Needed Needed

resources are not mentioned. Some resources for

training are mentioned. All resources needed for

the training are mentioned. /2

Budget and Timeframe

Not included or partial budget and timeframe. Budget and timeframe included. Clear and complete budget and timeframe. /3

Training proposal

(portion) link to mini-presentation No clear or understandable link to the minipresentation assignment. Somewhat unclear link to minipresentation assignment. Clearly explained link to mini-presentation assignment. /1




Contains 4 more or errors. Contains 2-3 errors. Contains 1 or 0 minor errors. /2


Assignment grade will be posted in your individual area on BlackBoard, and your marks breakdown (as above) plus a brief descriptive comment, will be provided privately.