Translating a Poem

Poems can use complex syn. and words that we are unfamiliar with. T. combination can make the poem f.I like it is written in a foreign language. Placing a poem in your own words is a great way to improve your understanding. It is not abnormal for paraphrases to u. more words than the origin.. As such, the process can reveal how much the poet is able to convey with their economy of language.
Directions Choose a poem from the list below a. paraphrase each line. • “Richard Cory” pg 1168 (I HAVE ATTACED RI Use the tips and guidelines below to help your proce. along. 1. R.d the line, place the poem aside, and attempt to place it into your own words. 2. Look up words that you aren’t familiar with. 3. U. the norms of modern speech when translating .ch line. 4. Avoid simply swapping out words for synonyms. Paraphrasing involves rearranging the syn.. 5. U. complete .ntences to expand on the poet’s lin. and stanzas. 6. Write from the .me point of view. Post your translation to the discussion board. You do not need to reply to peers for this post. Exampl. Robert Frost in .The Road Not Taken.’ Original ‘Two roads diverg. in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both…”