Transnational Migration

Transnational Migration

Project description
Beyond providing a sharp summary of the main arguments of the book, the main goal is to critically engage with these arguments, as well as the main questions, concepts and methodologies used by the author, to discuss the relevance of the work for the study of migration in relation to other existing works, as well as propose further questions that could be explored in future research on the topic.

Essays will be graded according to the following criteria:

1) The clarity of the writing. Coherent structure of the paper, ideas clearly stated and organized into paragraphs with linking statements and grammatically correct.

2) Ability to critically discuss the arguments from the various authors included in the class readings (and additional sources) and ability to present your own views clearly.

3) Accuracy of your ideas. Clear and accurate description of the concepts central to the course. Use of the readings from the class and additional research from sources recommended in the syllabus, news and other sources, to provide evidence, examples and data to support your arguments. Provide specific references, including page numbers for each of these sources.

4) Accurate bibliography and footnotes. Make sure the style for your bibliography and footnotes is consistent. If you are using online sources, make sure these are valid and original sources and choose one of the accepted styles for quoting this sources in academic work.

You may use how ever many sources as you would like.

To get the book, follow these instructions:

1.Go to
2. Log in with : email: [email protected]
password: oppalove2123
3. Go to libraries on the top right hand corner once logged in and you will find the book “Transnational Libraries” there.

Do not add a cover page, all space needs to be used efficiently towards writing analytically and critically. Only use one page to list the sources, this means that 8 pages, all in full, from top to bottom are to be used to write the paper. The paper format has to be in 12 font and 1.5 spacing.


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