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ScenarioYou have recently applied for the position of a Communication Advisor at British Hospitality Association (BHA). BHA is a member’s organisation for Hospitality and Tourism industry. The main role of
the association is to promote interest of operators, brands, owners across hotels, restaurants and visitor’s attraction. Task 1 : (LO 1: 1.1. 1.2, 1.3)- Group WorkYou have been short-listed for the Job interview. You are asked to work in a group of 4 candidates to prepare a short presentation on the current contemporary Hospitality Industry and its scale,
scope and diversity in the UK.  You are told that the best presenter stands a chance of being selected for the Job position.  In your presentation you will be covering the following areas: Explanation on various types of businesses and the service they provide. It could include the followings:- (AC 1.1)
o hotels eg budget, one star; restaurants eg fast food businesses, fine dining;Pubs, bars and nightclubs; contract food service providers eg education, healthcare, retail etc.o Events eg music events, meetings and conferences etc.


o Size of the industry, revenue, turnover, employment, contribution to GDP etc.
 A comparison between various types of structure that could include the following:- (AC 1.2)
o Structure based on product/service, operational areas such as food preparations, food and beverage services, accommodation services, front-of-house services etc.o Advantages and disadvantages of each of these structures.
 Explanation on why organisations and professional bodies such as BHA, Institute of Hospitality are important and how these bodies operate and provide assistance and guidance to hospitality
sector.- (AC 1.3)



Task 2: (LO2: 2.1, 2.2)The employers were impressed with your presentation and have offered you the Job position. Now your first task, as a Communication Advisor is to prepare a handout to be distributed to the new
recruits. Using the following template, provide a comparison between these establishments (a restaurant and a hotel) by explaining various positions (AC2.1), responsibilities, qualifications and
skills required to perform such roles(AC2.2)       (400 words)                                       Type of Business Position/Roles Responsibilities Qualification Skills

1. Restaurant Managerial-1.









2. Operational1.



2. Hotel  Managerial1.





2. Operational


2  Task 3 (LO3:3.1)From the following template identify two developments and the issues arising from these developments. Also state the operational, managerial and legislative issues resulting from these and how it
affect the hospitality industry. AC 3.1 (300 words)Types of Development Issues Impact on the business

a. Operational-





b. Managerial


c. Legislative


2 a. Operational


b. Managerial


c. Legislative