Treatment and Recovery

Choose a drug, alcohol, or sexual addiction to focus on throughout the paper. Your paper will have 2 distinct sections. The sections are as follows: Overview and Recovery Plan; under Recovery Plan, your sub-headings will be: Logistics, Treatment Plan, and Issues in Treatment.
1.) Overview In the overview section, you will want to discuss several components. First, discuss the symptoms and characteristics of the addiction. Explain the etiology and genetic factors that may be involved. Note what usually happens during withdrawal and what medications may be used in coping with withdrawal. Also, be sure to discuss the statistics of this particular addiction. How much does it cost the U.S. every year? What are the statistics of the different ethnicities struggling with this addiction, etc.?
2.) Recovery Plan Logistics In this section, you will organize a treatment plan for the addiction in either a group or an individual counseling setting. Be sure to discuss your target population (i.e. adolescent boys). Discuss where these sessions will take place (i.e. church, hospital). Also, explain which model you will be using (i.e. medical disease model). Summarize the model and explain how you will integrate it. Additionally, describe who will be involved in the process (i.e. family, pastor, etc.). Be sure to describe how you would integrate faith in the treatment process. How might your approach be different for the Christian vs. a non-Christian?
Treatment Plan Explain how many sessions your treatment plan will consist of. Describe how you would use specific assessments to assist in diagnosis and in treatment planning. Then, in detail, discuss the process of how each stage and phase will progress. What treatments and interventions will you be using? Be sure to have research backing your interventions at each stage. For example, if you will use intakes in your first session, what intakes will you use?