Treatment plan for student with anger issues

Find a high school student with Anger Issues. Write a paper describing your work with the student.

Collect information/data about the student. This information should come from multiple sources such as: school records, assessments, observations, interviews, referrals, pretests, etc. Summarize and organize the data in such a manner so as to reveal the student’s strengths, veeaknesses, etc.
Include data from 4 or more sources (sources are explicitly stated in the case study), and correlate to student’s strengths, weaknesses, etc.
Describe consistencies and patterns leading to a summary of the student’s anger, possible causes, and other significant and relevant characteristics of the student. Special attention should be given to the relevance of student’s diverse background in current educational setting. Support and cite this section to research no more than five years old.
Describe in detail your interventions/strategies in working with the student. What exactly did you do, Justification of the plan should be guided by research.