Trial Court Vs. Judge Cristina’s television program

  1. What are three differences you can identify between a Trial Court (refer to our Textbook See A. below) and Judge Cristina’s television program?
    [See link provided in this unit See B. below]
  2. In terms of the resolution of private disputes, what purpose does Judge Cristina serve?
    A. refer to our Textbook:
    Trial Courts Courts of limited jurisdiction find the relevant facts. identify the appropriate rule(s) of law, and combine the facts and the law to reach a
    decision, State trial courts do the same, but differ from inferior courts in two key ways. First. they are not governed by the subject-matter restrictions or
    the limits on civit damages or criminal penatties that govern courts of limited jurisdiction. Cases involving significant dollar amounts or major criminal
    penalties usually begin. therefore. at the trial court level. Second. trial courts are courts of record that keep detailed records of hearings. tnals, and
    other proceedings. These records become important if a trial court decision is appealed. The trial court’s fact-finding function may be handled by the
    judge or by a jury. Determination of the applicable law, however, is always the judge’s responsibility. In cases pending in trial courts, the parties nearly
    always are represented by attomeys. States usually have at least one trial court for each county. It may be called a circuit, superior, district, county, or
    common pleas court. Most state trial courts can hear a wide range of civil and criminal cases, with little or no subject-matter restriction. They may.
    however, have civil and criminal divisions. If no court of limited jurisdiction deals with these matters, state trial courts may also contain other divisions
    such as domestic relations courts or probate courts
    B. See link provided in this unit
    Federal Court Locator http:/ inks
    The Federal Judiciary Homepage Comparing Federal and State Courts: See Legal Resources section at https:/
    American Arbitration Association nttps:/
    Cristina Perez “America’s Best TV Judges Series”
    https: /Avww. youtube. com/watch?v=yV2iYncaUEo 7