Tropicana Fishing Lodge

Tropicana Fishing Lodge

Project description
Please refer to the uploaded document for instructions and for the text Tropicana Fishing Lodge which will be used to answer the questions. Please answer all the questions separately and stating the number (ex: a)…, b)….)
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1.    Based on the facts and information given in the case, answer the following questions.  FORMAT YOUR PAPER SO THAT YOU FIRST TYPE THE QUESTION IN BOLD, AND THEN YOUR ANSWER BELOW IT.
a.    What distribution channels would you use for the Tropicana Fishing Lodge and WHY?
b.    How are distribution and segmentation related?
c.    What promotional strategies/tactics would you suggest for Tropicana and WHY?
d.    Could the marketing of diverse hunting/fishing lodges be conducted effectively by an independent group responsible for multiple locations?  WHY OR WHY NOT?

Your grade will be based on the following rubric:

1.    Did you completely answer the questions.
2.    Did you use the facts and information contained in the case (and ONLY the facts and information contained in the case) to formulate your answers.
3.    Did you use professional language.
4.    Was your paper grammatically correct with no spelling errors?