Trumps Immigration Ban


Politics: Paper involving a Federal government law or a federal court decision analysis
-You are to analyze a federal government law or a federal court decision that has happened since January 1, 2019. (Topic Is Trumps Immigration Ban)

-Explain the purpose of the bill or law along with political parties, interest groups, ideologies, and the structure of government that applies to it

  1. Begin paper by identifying the policy and why its chosen (this website is just a site in which defines Asylum please use it to start off the paper)
  2. Summarize the policy: what does it do? How does it affect peoples’ lives?
  3. Explain how the two dominant political ideologies in the U.S. relate to the policy. Find at least one example of a statement by government officials (elected or otherwise) from both ideologies. (These ideologies would include conservatives, liberals, republicans, democrats)
  4. Identify a specific provision of the U.S. Constitution that relates or applies to the policy. Explain the relationship.
  5. Identify some interest groups that are involved with the policy. What have they said about it, and do they support or oppose the policy? Make sure to identify specific examples.
    -For this question, an interest group would be the National Coalition Against Censorship (below is a website to help you with the paper)
  6. Locate a public opinion poll on the policy (or if you can’t find a poll specific to the policy, find a poll that addresses the general topic of the policy). Who did the poll, when, and what are the parameters (sample, population, etc)? What does the poll tell you about public opinion on the issue?
  7. Find at least two examples of news media (network or major newspaper) coverage of the issue or topic. Describe these examples. Do these reflect priming, framing, or policy agenda-type coverage? Explain, using the book to complement your assessment.
  8. Give an example of the president “going public” or using the “bully pulpit” on your issue.
  9. lastly, explain your personal views on this issue. Explain where do you come down on the issue. Give some of your personal thoughts and impressions on this issue. explain how this issue impacts or effects people.