Type of decision making you think Buster engages in most often.

Buster was hired to revamp the processing center for the Federal Education Institute. They are an –
education facility that provides undergraduate and graduate degrees. Traditionally, their student population
has come from International students wanting an education in the United States. Recently, competition
within the education industry has increased dramatically. Federal Education Institute needs to change their
marketing approach in order to expand their student population. While the company has known for several
years that they needed to change several internal processes, they just could not break out of their usual
ways of thinking and doing business. Buster was hired from a large competitor for his expertise and is
expected to bring about these changes.

While Buster knew that he needed to make several changes from the start, he took some time during the
first few months on the job really getting to know key people in other departments. He soon determined that
his strongest allies could be the IT, Financial Aid, and Business Development departments. He took time to
establish communication with the head of each department.

After two more months, Buster was ready to start implementing his changes. He called upon things that he
had found to be important to the IT department and referenced them during several cross-department
meetings. He also researched and had specific examples of how the Financial Aid department assisted
students during their most difficult period – admissions. When it came to the Business Development
department, Buster included information in his presentations regarding how they want to expand the
business based upon the needs of students. Ultimately, he believed that by expressing his desire for the
same changes that these other three departments wanted to make, he showed support for their own
initiatives. Buster is hoping that they, in turn, will support his change initiatives and back him up in
Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 15. Also, conduct literature
reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers:

  1. Describe which type of decision making you think Buster engages in most often.
  2. Explain how Buster’s behaviors show various commitments: to the customer, organization, co-workers,
    and the task.