Types of Anemia

An 82-year-old female presents to the office complaining of fatigue, dizziness,
weakness, and increasing dyspnea on exertion. She has a past medical history of atrial
fibrillation, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia Medications include warfarin 2 milligrams
po daily, Iisinopril 10 milligrams po daily, and simvastatin 10 milligrams po daily. There
are no known drug allergies- The physical exam reveals a 5’2″ older female. Her weight
is 128 pounds, blood pressure is 144/80, heart rate is 98, temperature is 98 degrees
Fahrenheit, and 02 saturation is 9896- Further examination reveals the following:

Eyes: + pallor conjunctiva

Cardiac: irregular rhythm. No 83 84 or M. NO JVD

Lungs: CTA w/o rales, wheezes, or rhonchi

Abdomen: soft, BS +, + epigastric tenderness. No organomegaly, rebound, or guarding
Rectal: no stool in rectal vault

Post an explanation of the differential diagnosis for the patient in the case study that
you selected. Describe the role the patient history, physical exam, and lab reports
played in the diagnosis- Finally, explain the pathophysiology of the type of anemia that
you diagnosed, as well as potential treatment options. Include causes for this type of