U.S. Consumer Prices Edged Higher in May


For this project, you will choose a recent article from a reputable source (New York Times, The Economist, etc.) related to the macroeconomic concepts that we cover in this course. Article must be published in 2019 to be considered recent. There are three main elements that you will want to include.

  1. Briefly summarize the article.
  2. Explain how the article is related to our course. This is where your group will demonstrate an ability to identify the concepts that we are learning in our course within the context of the news article.
  3. Provide a critical analysis of the article content based on what you have learned in Econ 1A. This is the section where your group will demonstrate knowledge of the material that we have covered.
    EX: Suppose your article related to a natural disaster in Florida and the impact on the market for orange juice. In your analysis, you would want to include a description of how these real-world events would present in the supply and demand model and what you predict would happen over time. You would include graph, shifts, changes in price that result from this economic occurrence.
    Assignment Format Specifications
  4. Presentation should include 5-10 slides.
  5. Slides should be well-balanced, including minimal, but explanatory content and visual interest.
  6. Slides should follow flow as follows:
    Introduction of Article
    Concept Identification (definitions if needed)
  7. Group should provide a printed copy of article and citation in MLA or APA format (citation may be on the slides).

How This Will Be Graded
Grades will be based on article selection, conciseness of summary, clear explanation of the relevancy to our course, quality of the analysis and participation in the group work.
• Presentation should flow well and in logical order.
• Because there is no written component for this format, clear communication of elements is important. Structure of your presentation should be:
Introduction of Article
Concept Identification (definitions if needed)

• Presentation should include the correct number of slides (5-10).
• Presentation should be no more than 5 minutes.
• Non-verbal skills: Presenters should use eye contact and speak loud so all can hear. Exhibiting confidence on the topic is a must.
• Transitions should be smooth and interesting.
• Images should enhance the presentation.
• There should be no spelling or grammatical errors.
• All text should be in your own words.
• Each group member should be an active participant in presentation production.