U.s. History Reconstruction and the Age of American Imperialism

Discuss 3 major changes in race relations (i.e., laws, ammendements, labor arrangements, working conditions, migration patterns, socioeconomic changes) that resulted from Reconstruction.

B. Describe 2 consequences of industrialization on American Politics and/ or society
(Suggested length 1-2 pages

C. Explain the rise of the Progressive movement (suggested length 1-2 pages) by doing the fallowing:
1. Describe the role of religion and social morality in promoting Progressive reforms.
2. Describe 2 reform movements that helped to define the Progressive Era.
3. Discuss one impact of the Progressive movement on American politics (I.e. Amendments, legislation, diplomatic decisions).

D. Explain (suggested length of 1-2 pages) the role of American imperialism in leading the United States into 2 of the fallowing conflicts:
-Hawaii Annexation
-War in the Philippines
– Spanish American War
– World War