UAE Entrepreneurs – Interview and Environmental Analysis Report

UAE Entrepreneurs – Interview and Environmental Analysis Report

BUS 2403 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

UAE Entrepreneurs – Interview and Environmental Analysis Report

This project is worth 20 % of the course marks and will require you to demonstrate the following:
–    Ability to use various tools to research and analyze small business enterprises and owners in the UAE
–    Ability to document findings and write a report based on a meeting with an entrepreneur
–    Ability to reflect on the findings and answer individual essay questions related to this analysis.

This project requires you to work as a group.  Reports must be verified by SafeAssign.
To complete this project successfully, please read the section on Project Requirements carefully.   Your teacher will be happy to clarify any queries that you may have before you begin work.   I do hope that you enjoy the learning that is associated with this project.

Table of Contents

Assessment 1    1
UAE Entrepreneurs – Interview and Environment Analysis Report    1
Preparation    3
Report Requirements    3
Report Contents    3
Project Timelines, Deliverables and Submission    4
Useful Links    5
Marking Criteria/Assessment Rubrics    5
Academic Honesty    5
References    5
Acknowledgement    5
Appendices    5
Appendix 1: Academic Honesty Statement    6
Appendix 2: Rubric    7

1.    Do some preliminary research on the industry of the business you chose to work on as a group.
2.    Prepare a questionnaire that will be used to learn more about your specific business.
3.    Identify one entrepreneur or business owner that is related to the business project your group has chosen and interview the individual to learn about their experience and obtain their opinion on business opportunities and challenges faced, and the current business environment in the UAE.
4.    Obtain a date to interview and present your questionnaire.
5.    Before the interview, research using the Internet or other sources about the following environmental trends that could affect new businesses:
a.    Background search on the entrepreneur and company you have chosen.
b.    Research on customer segment that the business serves
c.    Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis of the environment.
d.    A SWOT analysis of the business so you can discuss and learn more about the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business, as well as the external opportunities and challenges of the business in the UAE environment.
6.    Conduct the interview, collect a business card, take notes and pictures to include in your report
7.    Write a case study report on the entrepreneur and the business with your own analysis, recommendations, and conclusion.
Report Requirements
Minimum 1500 to maximum 2000 word report professionally formatted as per HCT report guidelines:
•    Report includes cover page with all necessary details
•    Paragraphs are well spaced and consistent fonts and styles are applied
•    Report must be proofed for spelling and grammatical errors
•    Includes Academic Honesty
All reports must be verified by SafeAssign on Bb Learn
Report Contents
1.    Cover page with information.
2.    Table of contents with page listings.
3.    Introduction and background information of the entrepreneur and his/her business enterprise.
4.    Main body of report (Content for this section of the report comes from your research and the opinions/views of the entrepreneur from the interview).
a.    Introduction about the business and the entrepreneur.  Describe personality traits, characteristics and situational factors that made this person become an entrepreneur
b.    Different types of business opportunities that were available to entrepreneurs in the UAE.  How did the idea to start a business develop in the entrepreneur?
c.    The decision making process of selecting a specific business activity.  How did the entrepreneur decide on a specific business idea to pursue?
d.    Identify the business model the entrepreneur has chosen and how the various elements have produced the results the entrepreneur realizes.
e.    What are the customer segments that the entrepreneur serves; which customers segments are ideal, and which customers to avoid?
f.    A SWOT analysis of the business and describing the internal strengths and weaknesses.
g.    A PEST analysis of the business, identifying at least two opportunities available to the entrepreneur, and how they can benefit the business.
h.    A PEST analysis of the business, identify at least two threats/challenges faced by new entrepreneurs in the UAE and means of dealing with them.
i.    Current business environment for new businesses in the UAE and trends foreseen for the next 2 years.  This should include either primary or secondary research to support your statements.
5.    Conclusion and Analysis (Content for this section of the report comes from your research and discussion with the entrepreneur and your analysis of the environment)
a.    Recommendations that could improve their business model so they could better deal with weaknesses and threats and take advantage of their strengths and opportunities.
b.    Insights you gained from your research and interview that can be applied to your business project.
c.    Trends affecting the business environment and their impact on your chosen business.
6.    Bibliography, References, and Appendices
a.    Bibliography siting your research sources with references to articles/books/journals using APA style formatting
b.    Questions you asked the entrepreneur during the interview.
c.    A picture of yourself with the entrepreneur and their scanned business card to add to the credibility of your report.
d.    Email or letter correspondence with the entrepreneur with headings and dates.
e.    Signed academic honesty statement.

Project Timelines, Deliverables and Submission
Project guidelines given to students    Week 2 (08 – 12 February 2015)
Business category chosen for the project    Week 3 (15 – 19 February 2015)
Research and Interview Preparation Prior to the Interview    Week 4 – 6 (22 February – 12 March 2015)
•    The name and company of the entrepreneur, which should be related to your business project.
•    A SWOT analysis of the business.
•    Research on the environmental factors affecting the business.
•    Business model details of the business.
•    Interview questions based on the research.
•    Rubric requirements are understood and followed.
•    Interview of the entrepreneur.
Report and Presentation Final Submission (15%)    13 March 2015, by 11:59pm
•    Presentation of the findings and submission of the report on Bb Learn, SafeAssign (email submissions will not be accepted).
•    Word Document with Signed Academic Honesty Statement
•    Late submissions will have 10% deducted for each day the report is late.  The report will not be accepted after 11:59pm, 23 October 2014.
Essay questions related to the Environmental Analysis (5%)    Week 7 – after the final submission
•    This will be completed on the same day as Test #1, and is worth 5% of the total 20% assigned for this project.
Useful Links

Academic Honesty
As part of this project you will be required to gather information from various sources.  Hence your documentation will require the following sections:
Where you have used web content, images, code or templates in doing this project, then you must acknowledge the source following a standard method of referencing that you have learned.
Where you have interviewed key people in the organization to obtain information, they must be acknowledged. Include name of person, organization and contact details.
Include all supporting documents such as notes from interview, pictures, questionnaires and survey documents
Statement of Academic Honesty
You are required to read, understand and sign and submit the academic honesty statement.  Appendices


Appendix 2: Rubric

BUS 2403 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
20% of Coursework (15% from this group report and 5% from the individual essay on the day of Test #1)
Students’ Names:
Due Date: 11:59 PM, 13 March 2015
#    Specific Criteria    Max Marks    Marks Earned
1.0    General
1.1    Cover page with date and information.    2
1.2    Table of contents with page listings.    3
1.6    Spelling and grammar.    5
1.7    Signed Academic Honesty Statement – must be attached; five points deducted if not attached with the paper.    0
MARKS EARNED:    10    0
2.0    Main Topics of the Report
2.1    Introduction and background of the entrepreneur/manager; describing characteristics and interest in the business (consider what was learned in Ch. 2 of the text).    8
2.2    Describe the business of the entrepreneur/manager with details of the core business activities and how those various elements have produced the results the entrepreneur realizes.    8
2.3    Describe the different business opportunities that were available to the entrepreneur/manager and why the business idea was chosen.    8
2.4    The specific customer segments that the entrepreneur serves; which customer segments are ideal and which customers should the business avoid.    8
2.5    A SWOT analysis of the business describing the specific internal strengths and weakness.    8
2.6    PEST analysis of the external environment, identifying at least 2 opportunities available to the entrepreneur, and how they can benefit the business.       8
2.7    PEST analysis of the external environment identifying at least 2 threats/challenges faced by the entrepreneur, and explain the impact and how they were dealt with.     8
2.8    Describe the current business environment for new businesses in the UAE and trends foreseen for the next 2 years gained from your primary or secondary research.    8
2.9    Recommendations made by your group that could improve the business model of the entrepreneur you interviewed to better deal with weaknesses and threats and take advantage of strengths and opportunities (this is your opinion, and does not come from the entrepreneur/manager).    8
2.10    Explain the insights that your group gained from both the interview and your research that can specifically be applied to your business plan project.    8
MARKS EARNED:    80    0
3.0    Bibliography, Appendix, and Evidence
3.1    Bibliography citing references to sources used in your research, and listing of sources in the report.    4
3.2    Attached questions asked during the entrepreneur interview.    3
3.3    Evidence of interaction with entrepreneur to include: Scanned photo and/or business card of the entrepreneur, phone number of the entrepreneur, and any communication with entrepreneur with email address and date displayed.    3
MARKS EARNED:    10    0