Individual essay
ž Questions allow for diverse and creative uses of theory.
ž Pre-requisite for answering questions: in-depth understanding of
UBER case and of theory; your answers should draw implications,
which are generalisable (i.e., go beyond the case)
ž Quality of argument is rewarded, not quantity of concepts used.
ž Equal weight to both answers.
ž Remember, it’s an essay, not exam paper; write an essay.
ž You are NOT expected to do extra research about UBER (i.e., doing
extra research about UBER will NOT give you extra marks)
ž Opportunity to do additional academic reading (beyond what
taught in class)
ž Properly referenced

Warwick Business School
ž Explain how you understand a concept
ž Justify why you are using a concept
ž Be careful how you draw general conclusions
ž Back up your arguments with case evidence and/ or research
ž Pay attention to the question
ž Do use the case material and demonstrate you have read it
ž Avoid being purely descriptive and case-specific
ž Think of the Marker (looking for evidence to GIVE marks)
ž Clear structure: clear headings, paragraphs
ž Don’t use TOO many concepts