Uber – Public Relations

Uber – Public Relations

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answer the following question:
1.Uber’s efforts to address ongoing complaints about sexual harassment and a culture that permits this type of behavior.

Based on this case, use your readings, and the retrieval of documents in the public domain, for example: news accounts, press releases, and periodical articles, to
tell the organization’s story from more than one perspective.

Among the questions you should ask yourself are: What PR and communications models did the organization follow in solving the problem? Could other models have been
more effective? Discuss the research, planning, implementation and evaluation activities the company conducted in solving the problem. Describe the concepts of open
and closed organizations. Then think about whether these concepts affected the PR and communications models used by the organization.

Provide an analysis of the outcome (as it currently stands): Did the organization achieve its objectives? What evidence supports your conclusion? Finally, discuss
alternative solutions available to the organization that might have worked better.

You paper should be 6-7 pages, EXCLUDING: the PR Plan (see below), references and appendices, and contain the following elements:
•A summary of the PR issue or goal.
•A concise analysis of the factors in the organization, such as PR culture, including your assessment of the application of Systems Theory within the organization, the
models of PR and communications used by the organization, and the public relations strategies and tactics that were implemented by the organization. Explain and
support your position.
• An analysis of the outcome and the impact on the organization’s communications goals.
•A short and well-reasoned/supported argument about what you believe could have been done differently to achieve the goal.
•PR Plan outline (no more than three pages). This “outline” should include what you would propose based on an approach you recommend in the body of your paper. This
plan outline also should contain all the sections found in typical communications plans. These sections would be: Background, Goals, Objectives, Audiences, Messages,
Strategy, Tactics, Evaluation, Timeline, Budget. While you are not required to address specific budget and timeline elements, you nevertheless should acknowledge that
you would have to address these topics in an actual plan.