UC Berkeley Case Study

Financial and government organizations store a good deal of personal information, such as Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses. As a result, they have been attractive targets for hackers. Because most of these institutions have improved their access controls, hackers may choose instead to attack organizations with similarly valuable data but lower security.
Read the Case Study at the end of Chapter 5. Perform the following and present the results in a 1- to 2-page group report:
Define a set of policies and procedures that would allow educational institutions to limit vulnerabilities while still allowing students access to academic systems. Determine who should be ultimately accountable for ensuring that a security policy is in place and is enforced. Identify the person at your school who is responsible for maintaining the security policy and prepare your recommendations as a memo to him or her. Identify the individual contributions of each member of the group. Your report should be written in APA style.
Reference: Dhillon, G. S. (2018). Information Security: Text and cases (Edition 2.0). Burlington, VT: Prospect Press. Chapter 5, -Planning for Information System Security” Case Study pp. 125-126