UK legislation in cybercrime area “Cyber Stalking”


A coursework focusing on legislation in one cybercrime area Cyber Stalking in UK

Focus on a cybercrime area Cyber Stalking and outline the legislative foundation and discuss legislation in relation to its usefulness to police cybercrime.
• Outline (describe) the legislation you want to focus on. Cyber Stalking
• Is this legislation up to date – are there gaps in legislation in this area, you want to focus on?
• Discuss the usefulness of the legislation and draw in relevant literature and theories in order to analyse the area. Cyber Stalking
Coursework outline:
• Introduction – introduce the area and outline your research question developed to analyse the area.
• Set out the theoretical foundation. Describe the area, you have chosen to focus upon and outline either the legislative/ theoretical foundation
• Critically analyse and discuss the area. Go deeply into the topic and make sure you are evaluating the current state of either legislation or practices.
• Conclusion – This should conclude on the discussion as well as include your own reflection of this area, such as gaps in the current legislation/ practices, literature and/or data available (depending on your perspective).
• Bibliography.