Understanding business

Based on the assigned reading, you are to choose a specific job and compile HR documents that pertain to that job. The job can be one that you currently hold, one that you have held in the past, one that you would like to hold or are familiar with. You must complete 3 documents according to this job:

1. Job Description-You must create a job description for the job you have chosen. Your job description should include an identification, a general summary, essential job functions and duties, job specifications, and a disclaimer and approvals.
2. Performance Appraisal-You must create a performance appraisal for the job you have chosen. You may choose to use category scaling methods, comparative methods, narrative methods, MBO, or any combination of these methods. The performance appraisal should be based on the job description.

3. Classified Advertisement-You must create an ad for the job you have chosen. This ad could be for a newspaper, internet, company web-site, or any other media source.