Understanding Published Research in Health and Social Care

  1. Explain the difference between ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ data. Using 1 example of each, evaluate when it might be appropriate to undertake and use primary research, and when secondary research; giving reasons why? (Criterion 2.1)
  2. Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative data. Give 1 example of each using the health and social care research abstracts reproduced on Moodle. (Criterion 1.1)
  3. Evaluate the main research methods available to health and social care researchers, ensuring that you differentiate between ‘primary’ methods and ‘secondary’ methods. (Criterion 2.1)
  4. Select a published health or social care study from the research abstracts on Moodle, and examine and justify how the method used was selected. NB You may use a study that you have previously referred to for question 2. (Criterion 2.2)
  5. Using 2 examples from the research abstracts on Moodle, explain the ethical considerations that need to be determined when undertaking research. Again, you will be referring to studies that you have written about for questions 2 and 4. (Criterion 3.1)
  6. Choose 1 of the studies from the research abstracts on Moodle. Evaluate its ‘validity’ and make suggestions for improvements to the research methodology used. (Criterion 4.1)