United Nations

United Nations

Answer the following questions

1) Member states are not supposed to interfere in whom the United Nations Secretary-General employs for his secretariat, but some member states do. Discuss.

2) Compare the voting procedure in the Security Council and the General Assembly.

3) What are the factors taken into account for determining the assist contributions of each member state to the budget of the United Nations?

4) Explain the scale of assessments theory.

5) What are the factors taken into account to determine the quota of each member state in the Secretariat?

6) Explain what staff assessment is and why and how it came into existence.

7) What is the role of the International Court of Justice?

8) Article 19 of the United Nations Charter describes how the United Nations member states might lose the right to vote. Explain.

9) What is the major deficiency of the international legal system as compared to national legal systems?

10) What kind of voting is applied in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group?

11) Identify some of the most important factors contributing to the lowering of the staff quality and morale.

12) How does a person campaign for the job of the United Nations Secretary-General?