Unnatural Causes : “When the Bough Breaks,” “Bad Sugar,” and “Place Matters”



Answer to all the three questions in about 300 words each.
And use these readings to answer these questions-
-The transcripts from three sections of Unnatural Causes : “When the Bough Breaks,” “Bad Sugar,” and “Place Matters” (which are both posted in this unit folder).
-RCG: Article 15 "Health and Wealth: Our Appalling Health Inequality," Lawrence R. Jacobs and James A. Morone, pp. 134-137.
-New York Times article: “Life Expectancy for Less Educated Whites in the U.S. Is Shrinking”
-World Full of Women Chapter 8, pp. 170-190

1. Drawing on the reading from World Full of Women and the documentary, discuss how psychological and social factors make people sick. Do you see women’s healing rituals as evidence of the failures
of medicine and world religions to address women’s concerns?


2. The article "Health and Wealth: Our Appalling Health Inequality" was a journalistic article originally published in the American Prospect, and therefore has no footnotes. It’s also a
little old. Using your favorite search engine (like Google!) compensate for this by finding the organizations that monitor and compare life expectancy in different countries and discussing the
current life expectancy for males and females born in the US according to the most recent predictions.


3. This week is jam-packed with examples of how gender, race and especially class affect people’s health negatively. Pick an example from the readings or the documentary that I linked of a negative
health impact of gender, race, class or intersections of these identities. Don’t try to cheer me up about it, or make it seem worse than it is–give it to me straight, doc. How was the health of
person or example you chose affected by one or more of their identities (race, class, gender)?