Urban Sociology 187/ Neighborhood Project and Presentation


Conduct an ethnographic Study of you own neighborhood
through you new lens of Urban Sociology-

Research Methods: Examine you neighborhood through you new lens of sociology
by conducting a walking tou, attending a neighborhood meeting (this is extra credit),
learning about neighborhood representatives, conducting primary research G-e-
interviews) and other forms of secondary research-

Spend several hous exploring you local area until you can (raw a sociological map
of the community- You map should indicate the categories of people, cultual patterns
and types of buildings found in different places Ge- new housing units,
commercial/residential establishments, etc-)- Identify the patterns you see- The
geographical area you walk should be no shorter than a six block radius.

Talk to people and find out about their experiences in the neighborhood, especially
you family members if they have lived in this area for a while- If you conducted
interviews, add direct quotes in you paper and attach the formal interview to you
final paper- You should try to use you new found lens of uban sociology with regard
to the elements of society that you see impacting the category of persons or person
you are observing-

Paper Components: MLA/APA format (10opts-)

1- Map of the area you walked- Highlight the area you walked, and label sociological
attributes- This may be a Google map with you own labels, and must be attached to
the paper- (map of Springfield Gardens, NY))

2- Who is you council person? Do you think they adequately represent you
community? Why or why not? What have they done for you community?

3. What is the brief history of you neighborhood? What has changed over the years
and why? (Think of economics, jobs, industry, immigration, socioeconomic status)-



4- Give brief descriptions of past and curent uban planning initiatives that have had
a direct impact of the neighborhood (Relate to HW#3)-

5- Discuss curent demographics of you’ neighborhood using Social Explorer or
NYC-gov- Do these statistics match what you have researched/seen on you’ walk?

6- Relate to themes discussed in class throughout the semester.

7- Include photos/visuals when necessary-