US Government

Section 1: Checks & Balances
Discuss the concept of checks and balances and how it makes the government more democratic. Describe the roles of each branch and how they check the power of other branches. Describe the power of executive order and explain how an executive order can be overturned. Explain how the media serves as a check on power.
Section 2: Federalism
Provide an explanation of Federalism and the difference between federal, state, and local government. Describe the enumerated powers and explain the concept of implied powers. Describe the 10th Amendment and explain the concept of state’s rights. Explain how the Necessary and Proper Clause has changed the balance of power between federal and state government.
Section 3: Civil Liberties & Rights
Define civil liberties and civil rights and explain the difference between the two. Explain the role that government can play in the enforcement and/or protection of civil liberties and civil rights. Describe the basis for civil liberties and civil rights in the Constitution. Provide at least one example of a civil liberty and a civil right.
Section 4: Current Events
Provide a description of a current event from within the last year. Explain how the current event is relevant to a topic discussed in the prompt. Analyze the source of the current event and explain why you think it is a legitimate source. Include your own thoughts and opinions on the current event.