Paper details:

1. Your responses should include a thesis statement (i.e., your main idea or contention); a solid body of evidence (and examples) that support your thesis; and, a conclusion that restates the thesis and briefly restates your main points of evidence.

2. You must cite any sources that you use to craft your answers using MLA or Chicago style. It is expected that our textbook by Tindall and Shi will be accessed as a source; this should be cited in your research.

Textbook by Tindall and Shi:

3. Choose one (1) question from each section and provide an essay response.

4. Each section is over 650 words(Total : 650+650=1300)

Section I (50%)

1. What explains the rise of Ronald Reagan and Republican conservatism?

2. What factors led to the end of the Cold War?

3. What characterized the economy and society in the 1980s?

4. What led to the first Gulf War?

Section II (50%)

1. Did the U.S. ever truly “reconstruct” the nation following the Civil War?

2. Did America’s rise as an industrial power (c. 1860s-1910s) come at the expense of social and economic equality?

3. Why did it take until 1920, with the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, for women to receive the right to vote?

4. What were the major points of success in the civil rights movement? Account for these.

5. Was there a cost for America’s “winning” of the Cold War?

6. Politics today are quite polarized. Is there historical evidence that Republicans and Democrats can bridge their differences to affect positive change?

7. In your view, who are the three most influential Americans of the period 1865 to the present? Why?